S c u l p t u r e s

"Mother and Child"

This is a collaborative art piece created to honor the importance of motherhood.  The tender fragile and beautiful life of an unborn child.  In the sculpture the only moving piece is the baby, because it is representing the life within a life.  


I created this sculpture during one of the hardest periods of my life.  I sculpted how I felt at the moment.   I felt broken inside in a million pieces, unable to see the light of Day.   This is a life size sculpture.   The whole piece is made out of clay,  I was very concern with the thickness and became very happy when it survived the kiln.  I was in my studio one day giving it the final touches, wile trying to move it, I accidentally dropped it!  It broke in a million pieces!  I sat in ground next to it and cried, but a thought came into my heart: Hey if God was able to put all my broken pieces together, so can I!!! she is my creation and I am going to make it better.  So I did and its much better than the original intent, because light can shine though the cracks, were once was no light.  
"In our brokenness complete"

My Woman, My Angel series

We have begun a new series of sculptures called “My Woman, My Angel” these sculptures will portray the polyphacetical life of a woman.  We will do our best to convey the most strong and passionate feelings us women are able to feel.  After all
“woman are the magic in the world, because we think with our hearts”   this is the beginnings of:

“Bent over backwards”

Forever in your Arms
We are two phases down from finishing this beautiful sculpture.  The sculpting, adding and subtracting process has ended.  Our souls had been laid on a piece of clay, creating an amazing love story.  But from now on we surrender our power, to the passion of fire.  Fire will take this piece and shake it from its roots, it will consume all the bad and unnecessary things that are inside and outside of it; until there is nothing left but strength.   This is a hurting process we do not know if it’s going to survive, if there is going to be cracks or if the pressure would be so hard on it that it will shatter it.  Yes, we will shed a tear, and bite our lips, but I know for a fact that, what is left of it, when the heat has seized, will be so much stronger than the initial one.  This is my friends the story of our lives and only through the merciful hand of God and a bit of luck, is how  we have survived and are made stronger each day… My favorite time of the day is undeniably the afternoon hours, when the light fades and the night comes.  This is the time when inanimate objects take life of their own.  This is the time where light and darkness dance to create swirled of shadows.  When shadows travel through objects and gently lay in the depths of their soul, caressing softly the edge of the highest most points and kissing a speckle of light.  Life is then born to a piece of nature that was created lifeless.  That to me is love… it is the breath of life, delivered by the hands of God himself.   So here it is: enjoy….

"We shared those broken things,
we held from the beginning..."

"There I watched my heart dance,
Just like a poor man winning..."

"Because your words like gentle horses,
on cliffs above the sea...."

"Stepped from the edge and fallen,
to the Deepest parts of me..."

This is the new sculpture that Karla and I have been working on for the past month or two. 
Once upon a night, we were working late on our skyscraper competition.  Our heads wrapped around architecture and math; like a fly on a spider web.  When a friend of ours came to our studio and showed us a video on you tube that was absolutely breathtaking.  Then our beautiful artist minds began to plot, all kinds of sculptures ideas and this is how we have immortalized this moment and seize time.  This sculpture is yet to be completed; there are still many moons of work ahead of us, but it has already taken a life of it’s on…
"First Phase"

"Second Phase"

"Thrid Phase"

"Fouth Phase"

“La musa de Kiriakos”
This sculpture is base on a love story of a Greek Adonis,
who found his muse in the heart of a Spanish love. 


Our love was just like an April afternoon, that is as fleeing as being happy.  It could have been, but it wasn’t, but life is just like that! It turned us upside down and left us there!!
Our love was just like an endless morning, just as impossible as it is not to die.  It stopped being or will it be? Because the future plays hide and seek…
Now we are just two strangers that are being left behind, and if I ever loved you, you will never know!  But this stranger has given herself to you… until it’s too late.  The words have said it all and you have just pretended it… and even when I knew you were lying! I kept quiet. 
You have remained forever in my dreams, dreams only conceived in the deepest parts of me.  But I foresaw it, and you still don’t believe it is over! Just this one time listen to me… look at us here Saying Goodbye…


Moonlight is sculpture

Sure God created man before woman. 
But then you always make a rough draft
 before the final masterpiece. 

A woman can say more in a sigh than a man can say in a sermon.

This sculpture actually died in the kilm, 
but I am working on plan B.

Plan B