Coffee Art

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Jasmine Villalobos del Castillo

Coffee Artist

“Painting is my favorite form of expression. To me, passion is doing what you love to do no matter what. I’ve found myself so lost in this passion before that my body may scream “sleep!” but I just keep going hour after hour. The next thing I know, I find myself in the deep hours of the night or early morning. Coffee is one of my life pleasures. It’s a safe ground, a familiar smell and I feel like it’s always been a part of me. Capturing moments, evoking a feeling, creating awareness, bringing back a lost memory, or simply producing a smile through my works has always been my goal. You can’t truly express your passions unless you are comfortable and coffee has always been a welcomed and comfortable part of my life.”

After over two decades of sharing her feelings through countless layers of coffee embodied over different pallets she captivated hearts. Immortalizing the millions of thoughts, ideas, situations and people whose' journeys have crossed her path by touching the inner most depths of her soul. Only seen through her works her soft spoken voice and poise nature are only a mirage hiding the perfect storm of an unleashed wild soul. Though this Spanish artist has had limited exposure to critics, those who have viewed her pieces site her open expression of social and political messages as uniquely recognizable. Her ideas, feelings and emotions surrounding the differences in people are clearly expressed in her body of works. Like other true artists, her paintings convey her message to the viewer. Her goal is to evoke: emotion, awareness, a thought or to simply capture a page or chapter of her own life on the canvass for others to see. Many times, she paints what others are thinking yet dare not have the courage to say.

Originally from Costa Rica, she has been painting with coffee since childhood. Through the years she’s developed and perfected her technique, yet her style is always evolving. Uniquely, she doesn’t use many traditional paints unless she is looking to emphasis a portion of a piece. Instead, her medium of choice is coffee. By trial and error and many years of dedication she has discovered ways to manipulate the simple coffee bean into a variety of hues. With a combination of aging the coffee, the strength or variety of the bean, and continuous layering and patience she has been able to use this naturally occurring seed to paint a variety of pieces.Although architecture, interior and graphic design are her major fields of study, art and sharing are her passions.

I once asked her why she painted and received a clear and certain answer.
“I love to dream, create and to evoke feelings and memories in others. We all have the gifts needed to be the masters of our own dreams. All we need is the vision and a way to express it. My vision in my art is what makes me different from others. Our visions may be eccentric to some but for me they are full of love, passion, and life. "

Painting With Coffee
  By recalling memories, we add to our store of dreams; we are never real historians, but always near poets, and our emotion is perhaps nothing but an expression of poetry that was lost!!!  By Gaston Bachelard.

 I have been painting with coffee since my childhood.  I have acquired a taste for those little wonders that is hidden to a lot people.  I am humble by this gift of God, and often times I cry while painting.  As we make our way through life, she gives us beautiful gifts often times wrapped in sand paper!  But when we take the time to unveil them, the gifts becomes alive and priceless.  As you view my heart through these images, I can only hope that you are touch and that you would come back and continue to share my love. 

"Amor Vinci Omnia Series"  





"The perfect machine Series"  


"Vision" Close up inside the Eye



"Unspeakable Joy Series"  



"Mother Earth Series"  



"Ageless Series"


"I got my eye on You"


"Sky scrapers precedent analysis Series"
"Bank of China"

"Burj al Arab"

"Chicago Spire"

"Forgot the name of this one"

"Lippo Center"

"Turning Turso"

"With the Eyes of Our Hearts Series"

Inside Managua Nicaragua there is a place no one wants to go to not even the vultures don't want to venture through the ruins.  La Chureca is a landfill that services as a refuge and community for thousands of Nicaraguans.  This place is considered by the world community as one of the seven Horrendous Wonders of the World.  There are thousands of Children who call that place home. Poverty is Real! but so are our blessings, I painted these paintings to help you remember that we can make a difference...

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"Mercy "

"Compassion "

"never die" 



 "Trash or Treasure"

This is an organization that I have been privileged to help support for many years.  I can witness to their purity in intent and I can testify that what you donate no matter how little it is goes to feed a child in need.  It is 100% safe to donate.   Just Click on the link bellow to go to their website. 

"My best friend Series"
"No more water"


"Under the Influence Series"
"The English tea pot"

"The Chinese tea pot"

"The baby tea pot"

"My Manuscrips Series"
"My day break"

"Whispers of love"

"William Blake"

"Abba father"


"Just Because"

"Bat Zion"
This is by far my most favorite painting, This represents my Heavenly Father's Protection and  love over me.  Bat Zion means Daughter of Zion, for I am A daughter of the Most High God. This is the painting that brings me to tears every time I look at it, for I am thankful beyond words of his mercy and grace over me.    

"time falls away, but this small wonders still remain"
"Amazing Grace" Acrylic

"Down by the River" Oil

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