Friday, September 16, 2011

greenway project

The greenway project is a bridge renovation project.  This site is part of a four mile biking trail that goes around downtown Greensboro. This project will encourage families to walk together, bikers and jugglers to exercise in a safe environment.   The bridge was used by the rail way system and now is still being partially used. 
We will develop this project with a historic preservation frame of mind and a engaging used of light and color, that will bring new life into the space.
Our approach is Playful history
For our project we have chosen a playful historic approach.  We are enticed by the beautiful rich history that Greensboro has brought to our country and we want to celebrate this movement.  Greensboro is an up an coming city its people are warm yet alive in many ways, from its family oriented concerts in the park, to the night life at college town, the youthful feel is enchanting and full of opportunity.   The green movement has taken an important role in our country and Greensboro is no exception, we wanted to approach this project with a green mentality; therefore, we have carefully chosen materials that are environmentally friendly and increasingly popular.   As the runner takes its daily run through the trail, or the couple of walkers rapidly move thru the trail, or what about the family that slowly make their way discovering a number of things, approach our bridge they will be received with a refreshing misting tunnel and a stain glass history telling mural that will bring a smile to their faces and encourage conversation.  We want to preserve its natural material, yet bring a new phase to the bridge through the use of color and lights.   During the day the bridge will be softly lid by accent light, yet at night it will take glow of its own, to the change of colors utilizing the LED’s  to create a show of lights.  We are pondering the ideas of color into our space, by using value dominance and monochromatic pallet during the day and transforming it to a complementary relationship of color at night with the use of lights. 

Study of Light and Color
“She let a candle as the day began to fall Soft lines felt upon her face, shadows on the red wall”
Today, I am going to be writing about the importance of color and light in architecture.  Throughout time, beginning with the wonderful works of the Greek masters of architecture and their amazing creations, color has been use to emphasize characteristics, form and materials to accentuate and bring a sense of order and division.  Color perhaps can be divided into primary hues, neutral tones and white though gray to black.  As long as there is light there is color.  People throughout the ages have use materials that possess color often times in neutral tones, yet they have long for the pops of bright color and have adorn their living environments with live flowers.  Is not unusual in different cultures people have also tried to group colors in material to other natural colors and materials, to create an unconscious sense of home and unity.  There is one distinct and peculiar fact, that bright colors were primary use for palaces and places of worship, homes where done in more subdue neutral tones.  Although color tiles where use, there were not allowed to use the in their home.  Colors also have masculine or feminine attributes mainly because of the connotations with products of masculine or feminine use, such of the case of pink for perfume or soap therefore is feminine.  Color often times has a meaning, yet that meaning changes according to the culture.  Color can also be manipulated to give a room characteristics that we wish to bring to a room, for ejm.  A light color can make a room looks bigger, or a dark color at the bottom part of a building can make such building look grounded.  All of these conclusions and characteristics have been born through years of nature observation.  The perception of light and light pattern, is also a cultural issue, human beings perceive familiar patterns of light that have meaning for us as well as universal patterns that are easily recognized and that humanity shares.  Light has a certain rhythms that are perceived due to weather changes and these can also express changes in mood or feel.  Light can also be manipulated in a space to create the same effect.  Genius loci is the spirit of a place, these spirit or feel of a place is created when we evoke the memorable moments of a place by manipulating lights and shadows to create a mood.  Light has poetic qualities that can be created by the manipulation of light, natural as well as artificial.  For example a bright well lit space utilizing natural sun light trough windows or doors as well as artificial light can yield a sense of coolness in the physical experience of the space.  In contrast to dark spaces that can give the sense of romantic or perhaps gloomy places.  One of the most important characteristics of light is that light produces shadows, and shadows in term produce life, because often times these shadows bring inanimate objects and shapes to life, and create a mood or a memory. 


THANK YOU so so much KYRIAKOS for helping my group and I this semester!