Friday, November 12, 2010

Reflections Sumary classmates reviews

This was a very beautiful story, writing by the hands of time.  Often times the progression of troubles and tribulations through life and history, give time an opportunity to do what it can do best “takes us by surprise” and goes on to delivered an amazing masterfully crafted, innovated ideas and concepts.  That in term get carry out by the hands of masters of architecture and Design to life size sculptures that so often humble me and bring me to tears. 
Hayley states that during the time of revolution, as a cycle of design began to die out in England; a number of revivals were springing up across the ocean in America. Examples of these revolutions can be seen dotting the American landscape. First, we look to our very own capital, Washington D.C at the Capitol building itself. This was based off of Roman architecture, again looking to antiquity for models and inspiration. The American government wished to exude a sense of balance, equality, and stability and did so through architectural forms, a concept that is not unfamiliar to the world of design.  In her words this marks the beginning of a new generation of ideas that in term gave birth to new design but often times looking to the pass for inspiration. "Revolution, as defined by Patrick in class, "reconstructs the world as we know it, ends a cycle and begins a new one." Haley Taylor

Audra Volpi’s  blog was in another language I do not understand.  No comment!
For blakeni Delyn a reflection is like looking into a mirror and converting and processing’s what you think.  I actually never thought of it that way to me it was more like thinking about the pass and reflecting on what was happening.  She addresses the changes in design influenced by the changes and innovation of materials and techniques.  She also acknowledges the battle between man and machine or the accommodation of both.  In her own words she describes the revolution of a single building in beautiful words and I quote:  “The crystal palace was like a looking glass...a mirror...  that depicted designs of previous times helping designers to reflect in its image and create their own.”, blakeni
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