Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The poetics of Space: Charrette

The poetics of Space: Charrette
Jasmine Collins

For my plan for the ranch house on 612 Rockford Road, I was inspired by the natural art of Eva Hesse.  As a woman designer during the minimalism period, she departed from minimalist forms and brought a new perspective to sculpture and painting through introducing new materials not normally used for sculpture.  Her painting is somewhat abstract but with passionate sure lines and dark accents of light and shadows.  For Bachelard the importance to detail on a miniature scale is terribly important,  he explores the conscious as well as the unconscious views of space to create a just memory and a home. I shall use he’s approach on miniaturist and imagination to create a warm, yet sharp space for the client.
I will utilized these concepts extracted from her art to design a space with a natural yet sharp transition between Private and Public spaces.
·         Natural colors
·         Natural flawless layout
·         Groupings
·         Shadows and light
·         Repetition

I am interested in solving an unknown factor of art and an unknown factor of life. (Eva Hesse)

                                                                            The glue
Passion*Full of Life*Life experiences*Output on humanity

·         Nature as a center stage
·         Organic materials even if not used for its intended purpose.
·          Natural colors
·         Shadows and light
My life and art have not been separated. 
They have been toghether. (Eva Hesse)

Statement and Diagraph