Monday, October 4, 2010


Compass Project

This is my compass project:  I chose to use my coffee technique to describe the carvings on three different time periods and three different cultures, Egypt, Greece and Rome.  These cultures are of great importance to our architecture today.  With this compass we can always find our way back to classic Architecture!

“Time falls away, but these little wonders
still remain”

Ranch project-inspired by Eva Hesse

Eva Hesse, (american, b. germany 1936-1970)
untitled, c. 1954-1957
Lithograph on Paper

This early lithograph was created while Hesse was a
student at Cooper Union in New York from 1954-57.
Inspired by Jacson Pollock and Willem de Kooning.
It depicts a melding of figuration and abstraction.

My artist is Eva Hesse. He had been trained as an artist and worked as an oil painter, lithographer, sculptor.  An important event in life push her dead art in to a new phase in her art.  She faced a challenge of minimalism with was the movement of her day.  How can you create and convey a feeling or idea when you have to dematerialize the known?   She used new materials for her sculptures such as latex and fiberglass that draped hung and dangled to convey her ideas.  Her philosophy was art that wasn’t art.  She wanted to make a new thing a whole new world of art that had not been created before.  She push forth her own idea  and her own frame of mind and when against everything known until that point.   Her work was full of life and passion, unlike the cold geometric forms of minimalism.  It reflected her short lived life experiences and her output on humanity