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Go Expo_Green Living_Solar Electric Power Systems

Solar panels for electricity are a good way to reduce your energy consumption.  Solar panels collect clean renewable energy in the form of sunlight and convert that light into electricity.  This electricity can then be used to provide power in your home for electrical loads.  The effect of the sun’s light being absorbed and converted to electricity is known as the Photovotaic Effect. 
Most homes’ roofs have more than enough room for the number of solar panels to produce enough electricity to supply enough electricity to power the entire house.  This is an astounding thought, that we can capture the sun’s power and use it to power the electronics in our homes.  This is a very practical way to produce electricity.  The upfront cost of the solar panel system is expensive, but the long term savings far outweigh that cost, if you can afford the initial cost.
One place this type system would really be a cost effective way to provide power to a home, would be if you lived in a remote location that was outside the main power grid.  This would keep you from paying an electrical company to run power lines and poles out to your remote location. 
Solar panels are used a lot by government agencies.  Some examples are traffic signals, signs, lights, etc…  They can also be used as a source of back up power since the power can be stored.  Solar panels are also seen being used in Construction temporary power, RV’s, Emergency & Rescue, and communications. 
Some other examples of solar electric systems are solar heating and hot water systems.  In this case you would use solar thermal collectors to heat water for domestic hot water, central heating for standard or under floor heating.  This is very efficient way of providing hot water to your home, however again the initial cost is expensive, but if you can afford that, the savings are phenomenal. 
Solar panels are also being seen used in pool and spa heating systems.  These systems tend to be less expensive, and provide a great way to warm up your pool during those cooler months.  An average system will heat your pool water 10 degrees.


In 1902, Amy Dwyer thought a packing crate behind her husband’s hardware store would serve as the ideal secret smoking place.

Her husband nailed her in the act.

In 1904, Judge Nolan’s secretary thought she could get away with smoking cigarettes by disguising herself as a statue of justice
Justice was blind.  But Nolan wasn’t.

You have come a long way, baby!

For the first time in history, in 1979, a woman Margaret Thatcher was elected Prime minister in the UK.  Women take on a more independent role as we can see on the ads depicted on this board.  The reveal against men as women’s owner, and the liberation of women as our own intelligent, independent, money making beings.   As technology becomes smaller Sony released the Walkman a worldwide success costing $200 which at that time was a significant amount of money. Window unit air conditioners were cool and becoming a necessity.  Double pane windows also emerge into a world looking for ways to save money, and find ways to improve the way of living.  Freedom of smoking and drinking is eminent, and without any restrictions, freedom to do it as your heart contents is all they were worried about.  Travel agencies advertised travel as an affordable luxury.    Also the first snowboard is invented in the USA. Following are two very interesting articles which paint a beautiful picture about what homes looked like in 1979.

Pastel-Pretty Attic Retreat
Take off on a flight of fancy and turn any old attic into a delightful haven.  The sherbet-colored bed treatment, daybed upholstery, and doily adorned pillows are sewn from striped and solid sheets.  Macramé cord woven onto a rocker and footstool provides unexpected color, and the stenciled floor is a sure sign of spring.  Just for fun, make a gaily decorated “cake” from a stack of cheese boxes.  Buy the table lamp in a package and assemble it yourself at home.  The non-warming stove is the perfect pedestal for pretty plant. 

Come home to Color
When it comes to decorating a home, color is the key.  Color has no price tag, yet it’s worth its weight in gold if you know how to make it work for you.  You can use it to mask less than perfect proportions, meld a mixed bag of furnishings.  Communicate a mood, or help state your personal style.  Color comes in many forms.  You can introduce it into a room with a favorite fabric, a treasured collectible, a broad sweep of carpet, or deft stroke of paint.  With today’s wealth of tints and tones to choose from you can make the most of color’s capacities.  Take a cue from our rooms.  We’ll show you how to unlock the door to some great decorating ideas, and come home to color. 

Cost of Living 1979
How Much things cost in 1979
Yearly Inflation Rate USA11.2%
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 838
Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve 15.25%
Average Cost of new house
Average Income per year
Average Monthly Rent
Cost of a gallon of Gas
86 cents
Sony Walkman
Jox Trainers

Popular Films
·        Superman The Movie
·        Every Which Way But Loose
·        Rocky II
·        Alien
·        The Amityville Horror
·        Star Trek: The Motion Picture
·        Moonraker
·        The Muppet Movie
·        The Deer Hunter
·        Kramer vs. Kramer
Popular Musicians and songs
·        Bee Gees with " Love you Inside Out "
·        Rod Stewart
·        Gloria Gaynor with " I will Survive "
·        Blondie with " heart of Glass "
·        Donna Summer "Hot Stuff" and "Bad Girls"
·        Michael Jackson
·        The Eagles
·        Commodores
·        Pink Floyd
·        The Police
·        Village People
·        Boomtown Rats
Best news of my world in 1979
·        My baby sister Sandra was born and with her was born in my heart the most precious memories and priceless feelings of joy.